Sfera is a business protection bureau, with main focus on organization of economical security and safety of people and legal entities on the territory of Russia, CIS and European Union. Company owns a wide and integrated range of tools, sources and communication networks that aim at stable operations of businesses. Qualification of the employees helps to foresee and prevent possible damage from negative factors that might affect business performance.

Company founded by a team of associates with higher economical/legal education and enduring experince. At the moment company operates in legal field of Russia and European Union with offices in Saint Petersburg and Riga.

Solutions provided by the company cover internal and external risks:

  • Security checks for new and current employees
  • Expertise in finance
  • Security checks for customers and suppliers to minimise probabiltity of fraud
  • Expertise in legal fields
  • Support with governmental affairs
  • Contract design and assesment
  • Optimisation of accounts receivable and bad debts

Companies renders the following services:

  • Design of the security systems on all levels of business
  • Gathering information about business environment
  • Participation in interview with candidates expected to work with sensitive information
  • Corporate investigations
  • Risk assesment
  • Effective measures against industrial espionage, M&A, abuse of office/power


Saint Petersburg,
Rastrelli str., 2, office 334

+7 (812) 577-10-59

Where we are

Nastavnikov, 19
Saint Petersburg,
Russia, 195298


+7 (981) 871-15-44

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