Mediator's League

Non-commercial partnership (NP) Mediators' League founded in 2010 and incorporates specialist with vast practical experience in mediation. We only have mediators, who have successfully passed education in full accordance with federal law No. 193-FZ regulating the mediation in Russia. Headquarters of the company is located in Saint Petersburg, currently there are also 6 regional branches.

NP Mediators' Leagues cooperates with Saint Petersburg State University, Center of Mediation and Negotiations (Belarussia), United Center of Mediation and Peacemaking (Kazakhstan). Company professionals have been nominated to several awards for researches in conflicts resolution, for reputation and trust.

Main focuses of the company are conflicts occuring in area of business transactions, family relations and mediation in education. Rules and principles used by the mediators facilitate successful resolution of conflicts, upholding the reputation of the parties, preserving private and business communications. Members of the league help to save time and money by normalizing relationships between people.

Mediation can only be provided on condition of voluntarily agreement of all parties to join the process of mediation. Confidentiality, equality and objectivity are absolute principles of mediation work.

Companies in Russia are allowed to address mediator for support in conflict resolution, according to the Arbitration Procedural Code of Russian Federation. In addition to local legislation Mediators' League follows European Code of Conduct for Mediators.

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