Kaizen company belongs to Transterminal Group operating on the market since 2000. Company arranges and monitors supply chain of cargo shipments from European countries to points of destination in Russia, through the Saint Petersburg sea port. Company works with different types of cargo and on different customs terminals of Russia. To track the status there is a specialized caccounting system with up-to-date information.

Company operates with all major marine lines and is able to arrange vehicles for almost any kind of supplies within several hours. For compaies starting their operations on the Russian market, Kaizen company can completely outsource the whole process of customs clearance.

Partnership network of Kaizen includes Schenker Deutschland AG, Chevron, UPM and EuroChem.

Company provides the following services in areas of logistics and customs clearance:

  • Determine correct customs codes and requirements for cleareance
  • Analysis of some product prices, controlled by authorities
  • Advice on the export/import paperwork
  • Fast problem resolution
  • Door-to-door cargo routing
  • Consulting in areas of logistics and customs clearance in Russia


Saint Petersburg,
Obvodniy Channel, 93A

+7 (812) 319-21-16

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Nastavnikov, 19
Saint Petersburg,
Russia, 195298


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