Red Tag — emergency helpdesk services


In difficult situations you can be sure to get support at Rusolution.

Our buiness process requires to execute several checks before and during our cooperation to control and reduce your risks.


  • Urgent legal consultations
  • Risk management consulting
  • Network of services to facilitate and re-structure bad debts
  • Commercial investigations, checking your partners credibility via official sources
  • Consulting and know-how from own experience of import operations

Network of partners

Our network of partners that we know personally and recomend their services.

Should you need an advice who to address with complex issues.

Area Sample situation Partner
Mediation Resolution of conflicts before any legal actions. Mediators' League
Legal Violation of committments and contract obligations; finances between legal entities. Kachkin & Partners
Recruiting Finding local representative or key account manager. Business Kernel
Business Travelling Tickets, visas, transfers. Continent Express
Translation Official papers in Russian; confirmation of the translations. YesWeCan
Customs Issues with customs clearance; audit of the current customs services provider. ICF, Rostek, Nord Broker
Transportation Deliveries and caro routing. Kaizen
Marketing Audits of information, agreements, obligations, events, activity and performance. St. Petersburg Marketing Club
Finance and taxation Finance expertise, tax consulting, optimization and expertise. IVROST Plus
Business Evidence Consulting
IT Syncronisation of IT platforms, urgent support and installations. Xbibit
Security All kind of support and advice in terms of security. BSB Sfera

Where we are

Nastavnikov, 19
Saint Petersburg,
Russia, 195298

+7 (981) 871-15-44

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